Match Fixing Scandal

Ben Douglas-Jones, led by Mark Wyeth QC, secured the acquittal of footballer in what the Daily Telegraph called English football's biggest match fixing scandal.


Hakeem Adelakun, a Crystal Palace Academy player (pictured), was found not guilty unanimously by a jury in Birmingham Crown Court following a five week trial.


The acquittal followed legal argument which saw the removal of five counts from the indictment following submissions on Mr Adelakun's behalf with which the judge agreed.


The essence of his case was that he was duped into attending a meeting with an undercover National Crime Agency officer on the false premise that it was with a football agent.


Mr Adelakun is one of the first people ever to be tried under the Bribery Act. He is the only person ever to have been acquitted of a Bribery Act offence.


Press Coverage: The Independent / BBC News