Serious Crime

Murder - A Forensically Complex Case


R v Thabet March 2021


Ben, leading Debi Gould, prosecuted Ameen Thabet for the murder of his secret former Sharia law wife.  After a five week, forensically complex trial he was convicted of her murder.  The following day, he confessed. The victim was one of those described in a New York Times article as being “in peril” of not seeing justice and her name was read by Jess Phillips MP in Parliament as one of those women at risk of not seeing justice.


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Murder Acquital - Gangland Killing


R v Qadir February 2021


Ben, leading Amy Jackson of St Ives Chambers, Birmingham, represented Mohammed Qadir, who was alleged to have conspired to murder three people shot in the gangland killing of Dante Mullings. He was also alleged to have conspired to possess a firearm to endanger life.


After a three-and-a-half-month trial, Mr Qadir, who burned the car used in the shooting was acquitted of both counts.  Four defendants were convicted and sentenced to a total of 113 years’ imprisonment.


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Convictions In Brutal Robbery, Fraud and Manslaughter Case


R v Sweeney and Cronin


Ben, leading Justin Jarmola of St Ives Chambers, Birmingham, successfully prosecuted Sean Sweeney and Sharon Cronin for the robbery, fraud and manslaughter of Mark Lloyd. Cronin ran a technical psychological defence which was rejected by the jury.


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Drive By Murder


R v Q - a drive-by shooting of three men, including the alleged murder of one.


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BBC News - Ladywood shooting: Man killed by 'masked men in drive-by'


Baby Shaking Case


R v L - a baby shaking case involving experts in 5 disciplines.  




R v C - A case involving a one-punch manslaughter.


The Murder Of A Child Murderer

2019 - R v Harley et al - High-profile murder of David Gaut who was stabbed 200 times after being released from a 33 year sentence for the murder of a child.


Ben was The Times Lawyer of the Week following his prosecution of this murder (leading Tim Evans of Apex Chambers). 


Media Coverage:

BBC News: Gaut killed 33 years after 'worst crime in the land'

The Guardian: Man, 23, found guilty of murdering child killer David Gaut

The Independent: David Gaut: Child killer mutilated so badly 'you could not tell how many times he was stabbed', court hears

Sky News: Man who stabbed child killer David Gaut 150 times is jailed for life

The Sun: BABY KILLER Who was David Gaut? Child killer who murdered Chi Ming Shek in 1985


R v Smith


Ben is representing a defendant on appeal following his conviction for a sexualoffence said to have been committed in 1969.


Operation Embow


Ben is prosecuting a case involving international baby smuggling.


Operation Triangle


Ben, leading Tim Evans, prosecuting, secured the conviction of Ieuan Harley for the high profile murder of David Gaut and the convictions of Harley, David Osborne and Darran Evesham for perverting the course of justice in cleaning the murder scene and disposing of evidence.  It was a forensically complex case.


R. v D [2016] EWCA Crim 454; [2016] 4 W.L.R. 122; [2016] 2 Cr. App. R. 18; [2016] Crim. L.R. 569

Ben appeared in an important appeal concerning defective indictments and the substitution of offences on appeal.


R. v M [2016] 2 Cr. App. R. 20

Ben appeared in an appeal concerning the presumption of incapacity of committing a crime in historical offences where doli incapax applied.  The presumption could only be rebutted by the prosecution by clear positive evidence, not consisting merely of evidence of the acts amounting to the offence itself, but that the appellant knew that his act was seriously wrong as distinct from mere naughtiness or childish mischief.  Where such incidents formed bad character evidence then the presumption was irrelevant.


Baby Smuggling [2013-2014]

Ben is currently prosecuting a series of cases involving the smuggling of babies from African states into the United Kingdom.


Operation Throughout [2012-2013]

Ben secured the conviction of a defendant for importing 144 kilograms of ketamine from India.


Operations Cook, Siberian, Tuna and other related UKBA and Serious Organised Crime Agency operations [2012-2013]

Ben and Justin Cole were judicially commended by HHJ Ross for their conduct of a complex and substantial drugs importation trial at the Crown Court at Reading. 


The case brought together six separate investigations by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the UKBA and Police.  It involved over 2½ tonnes of cannabis and 20 kilograms of cocaine.  The six men indicted were all convicted, with the first defendant receiving a sentence of 24 years’ imprisonment. Click here for the BBC News report of the case.


Regina v B [2009-2011]

Financially motivated murder of wife by assassin.


Regina v E [2011-2012]

Defence Counsel for a man labelled “the biggest drug dealer in Wales” by the Prosecution in a multi-national drug dealing conspiracy.


Regina v F [2009-2010]

Defence Counsel in conspiracy to cause arson with intent to endanger life through a campaign of petrol bombing.


Regina v I [2009]

Defence Counsel for man facing multiple rape and other sexual allegations in case which was stopped following a submission of no case to answer based upon a honeytrap defence.


Regina v Batchelor [2009]

Defence Counsel for a man known as the Glasgow Goldfinger and the Menace of Mayfair in an early case involving a Serious Crime Prevention Order.